▶1957 Sept. Entrance to Seongmukwan Hapkido
▶1962 January Instructor of Seongmukwan Hapkido
▶1962 February Instructor of Hapkido for Military Academy
▶1968 February Judge of Hapkido for Presidential Security Office(Holding until June 30, 1980)
▶1970 February Chief of Training Institute & Chief Judge Daehan Hapkido Association
▶1976 December Executive Director of Korean Hapkido Association
▶1978 May Chief Organizer of Korean Hapkido Association
▶1979 March Chief Judge of Korean Hapkido Association
▶1985 January Chief Organizer of Saemaeul Hapkido in Saemaeul Central Headquarter
▶1985 June Chief Judge of Saemaeul Hapkid
▶1990 January Assumption of The First Founder for Korean Hapkido Association
▶1990 December Seminar L.A. Hapkido in America
▶1991 January Lecturing Seminar invited by World Hapkido Federation of L.A. in America
▶1991 October Seminar & Hapkido Exhibition of The World Military Arts Meeting at Madison Square Garden Stadium in Newyork
▶1996 April to Sept. Leadership during 4 rounds invited by Minister of Foreign Affairs(Mohamed Volkier) In Brunei
▶1997 March Participate at the foundation meeting of military arts federation for the world peace (Washington)The first executive director of the military arts federation for the world peace
▶1997 May Seminar & Hapkido exhibition invited by Russian Hapkido Federation
▶2001 Sept. 20 Leadership for training instructor & seminar of American and Canadian Hapkido
▶2002 January Assumption of the first chairman and established and changed Daehan Hapkido Association into The Corp. Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation
▶2003 Sept. 03 Agreement with attraction of the world meeting on spot and Hapkido seminar of Canadian Vancouver
▶2003년 October 11 Seminar & Inspecting Judge of Spain Hapkido Association
▶2004 November 24 Participate the event of exhibition group invited by France and England