All of you, loving of Hapkido, welcome Sir.

We are expressing welcome and thanks with sincere heart for calling our federation home-page that is traditional root and trunk of Hapkido.
It is recognizing as a fact proved Hapkido of root and trunk for the oriental martial arts especially and Hapkido is a Mother's womb of various martial arts in these days as you know.
I would like to inform you that Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation, Corp. is a motive power grown-up greatly in the world propagating to 40 countries in the world and over around 2,000 stadiums in domestic recently,
I was of course and many famous instructors were trained under the flag of Hapkido the first in Korea before 50 years historically in spite of domestic Hapkido group is devided into many groups regrettably.
We will be efforted for development of Hapkido in corresponding with your expectation, also, asking leading, whipping and cheering for your favour with a free hand.
Please contact with our secretary office of our federation or E-mail without hesitation always if you have any question.
Saying again, we are welcoming to you came to our home-page and thank you very much.